We (Sewn By Sophia) are a group of sewing enthusiasts! Sewnbysophia.com is found by Sophia and a group of sewing enthusiasts. Sophia is a sewer who loves to sew and only wants the best for her fellow sewists). She has been sewing for over 10 years and is always learning something new.

We love learning and sharing information about the latest sewing, quilting, embroidery machines available on the market. We also love exploring different brands of machines and their accessories, especially from new and upcoming companies that provide quality products for an affordable price. Our third goal is to help you find the best sewing machine according to your use, budget needs, etc…

We take into consideration the features such as stitches per minute & stitch types offered by each machine in addition to reviews from prior buyers who have used it themselves ( not just based on the manufacturer’s marketing materials ). We have articles covering all the features found on the most modern sewing machines.

Sewn By Sophia is your ultimate source for sewing, quilting, and embroidery machine review. If you’re looking for a new machine or upgrading an existing one, our expert reviews will help you find the right machine at the right price. We source all our information from user reviews and articles from independent sources like The New York Times, Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping, etc.

We understand that it can be overwhelming when deciding which machine to buy, so we do our best to only showcase those models that have proven themselves worthy of a spot in your studio.

We also know that the decision to buy a sewing machine can be time-consuming. It’s hard to know which features you’ll actually use or which brands are really worth the money. That’s why we build this site to offer you unbiased reviews of the best sewing machines for sale today.

Our site only features reviews from people who actually own the product they are reviewing. This ensures that you don’t wind up reading one biased review after another…all while sipping your morning coffee!

In our reviews, you’ll find detailed information about these machines, including any assembly requirements, product measurements, and even photos of the machines themselves. We also include a buying guide to choose which features are most important to you without worrying if your budget will support them. ​

Our team of professional writers has researched thousands of brands to bring only the best of the best to our readers’ fingertips! Our editors will tell you how well each model performs in customer tests, what complaints they read about the brand, and anything relevant to your decision process.

At sewnbysophia.com, our goal is to provide you with the most detailed reviews available on all of the latest sewing machines, quilting, embroidery, and serger machines on the market. Our reviews are written by real people. And we go to great lengths to ensure our writers have the expertise and experience to write high-quality content that can be trusted. At Sewnbysophia.com, we cover every brand of sewing machine under the sun. We cover them all; Brother, Juki,  Janome, Pfaff, Singer…you name it!