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Eversewn Sparrow QE Quilting Machine Review

Although you can use a regular sewing machine for quilting, the Eversewn Sparrow QE quilting machine has a variety of add-ons and capabilities that really separate the two. Compared with a regular sewing machine, this Eversewn Sparrow QE quilting machine boasts a larger 8” throat, which is perfect for sewing large and huge projects such as curtains, sheets, and bedspreads.

And, of course, Eversewn Sparrow QE can handle multiple layers with ease and is great for quilting projects. You can also easily sew through heavy materials without worrying about the fabric bunching up or getting stuck in the machine.

Moreover, this Eversewn Sparrow QE quilting machine comes with a higher stitching speed, meaning that it not only saves time but can also be used on large numbers of projects at one time. When you have less time to complete a quilting project and more items to work on, the ability to sew faster is sure to come in handy – and that’s where this Eversewn Sparrow QE high-speed quilting machine comes into play. This Eversewn Sparrow QE quilting machine is certainly not for the faint-hearted, as it requires much more from the operator than a standard quilting machine does – and he or she will be rewarded with faster results!

All in all, Eversewn Sparrow QE is a quilting machine for those who want quality results from their quilting efforts, and are prepared to work hard for it!

Frame, Construction, & Sewing Speed

There are lightweight, portable machines that are great if you tend to sew in different locations, as well as bulky, heavy-duty options that are best for pros who have a designated sewing area. This sewing machine measures 19” W x 7.5”D x 12”H and weighs 21 pounds, which is a bit lighter than other models that have the same features and durability. But this doesn’t mean that it compromised with its quality. Moreover, the lightweight design makes it suitable for home use and great for both beginners and pros.

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This Eversewn Sparrow QE quilting machine is extremely durable no matter what happens. The reason for this is the material quality and manufacturing technology used, which will be detailed later in this article. Eversewn Sparrow QE has a large table to work with as well, so no matter how big your project is, you’ll be comfortable working on it.

The Eversewn Sparrow QE heavy-duty quilting machine is powered by an impressive silent motor that provides a consistent, reliable stitching speed of 850 spm for completing a variety of stitching tasks from all types of fabrics and materials.

What We Like About Eversewn Sparrow QE

  • The Eversewn Sparrow QE uses lesser energy to operate, making it more efficient and durable
  • Its metal frame is sturdy enough to keep it from vibrating and gives you a pleasant sewing experience
  • Excellent design with a high-quality build and multiple features
  • The knife is heavy-duty and cuts through even thick fabrics
  • It is so easy to use that even beginners find it perfect for starting with it
  • This Eversewn Sparrow QE produces results for home décor to fashion accessories with a professional finish
  • It allows you to sew perfectly flat and even stitches or beautiful ruffles and lettuce edges without any difficulty

What We Don’t Like

  • Experienced sewers may find the speed a little slow
  • The instruction manual is not elaborate enough
  • The Eversewn Sparrow QE vibrates on higher speed settings
  • It’s a little noisy at high speed

Features of Eversewn Sparrow QE Sewing Machine

Stitch Options

The Eversewn Sparrow QE comes with 70 built-in stitches. It gives you the freedom to experiment and create all sorts of sewing designs. Whether you’re doing free motion quilting, piecing or just sewing, the Sparrow QE has the right stitch. So you can use this model for quilting, garment construction, heirloom sewing, or even household crafts.

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Ease of Use

Every EverSewn sewing machine is designed by engineers that sew. The Sparrow QE combines a simple user interface with a modern design that is easy to use, looks great, and is affordable. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sewer, the EverSewn Sparrow QE will enable you to create anything you want without frustration.

Large 8-inch Throat Space

Perfect for large projects or quilts. The Sparrow QE has plenty of room between the needle and machine for sewing larger amounts of fabric.

Thread Cutter

Eversewn Sparrow QE’s thread cutters are very sharp and will make quick work of all the threads in your project. It will cut your thread faster and make the process easier, and you won’t have to struggle with it.

Straight Stitch Plate

Included with the machine is a Straight and Zig Zag stitch plate. Depending on your sewing project these can be interchanged for precise sewing and quilting.

Knee Lift

The Sparrow QE comes with a knee lift system to give you the freedom and comfort to sew or quilt for hours. This clever tool allows you to lower or raise the presser foot without having to touch the machine so you can keep your hands on the fabric.

Speed Control

There is a speed controller included in this Eversewn Sparrow QE, which allows you to adjust the speed of your machines as required for specific projects or materials – slower for more intricate projects or faster for larger projects like curtains, duvet covers, and more.

Who Is Eversewn Sparrow QE For?

Eversewn Sparrow QE has been designed especially for sewists who are looking for a high-performance model to boost their creativity. This particular Eversewn Sparrow QE model comes with many amazing features that you’ll surely find useful.

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If you’re looking for a cost-effective model, then Eversewn Sparrow QE could be your great choice. It doesn’t have all those fancy features that are not necessary sometimes. Moreover, this Eversewn Sparrow QE sewing machine is designed to minimize noise, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing others while working on projects. Another useful feature of Eversewn Sparrow QE is its needle threader and cutter that saves much of your time! So you can forget about struggling when you need to thread the needle.

Tips for Using Your Quilting Machines

The best quilting machine for you personally will depend largely on your particular needs; commercial users usually prefer a heavy-duty model that can handle many hours of continuous operation without ‘breaking down’, whereas hobbyists may find that a lightweight (although more expensive) model is more suitable.

If, however, you will be using the machine professionally, then we recommend looking into heavier duty machines with features such as variable speed control, which allows the user to match the speed of the machine to the thread used (many quilters prefer using a variety of different threads)

If you’re planning on using your quilting machine in a home environment for fun or profit, then it’s always best to buy one that’s suited for your individual requirements – this may also save money in the long run!

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