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Juki DX-2000QVP Quilting Machine Review

Although you can use a regular sewing machine for quilting, the Juki DX-2000QVP quilting machine has a variety of add-ons and capabilities that really separate the two. Compared with a regular sewing machine, this Juki DX-2000QVP quilting machine boasts a larger amount of workspace (also referred to as ‘throat’), which is perfect for sewing large and huge projects such as curtains, sheets, and bedspreads.

And of course, Juki DX-2000QVP can handle multiple layers with ease and is great for quilting projects. You can also easily sew through heavy materials without worrying about the fabric bunching up or getting stuck in the machine.

Moreover, this Juki DX-2000QVP quilting machine comes with a higher stitching speed, meaning that it not only saves time but can also be used on large numbers of projects at one time. When you have less time to complete a quilting project and more items to work on, the ability to sew faster is sure to come in handy – and that’s where this Juki DX-2000QVP high-speed quilting machine comes into play. This Juki DX-2000QVP quilting machine is certainly not for the faint-hearted, as it requires much more from the operator than a standard quilting machine does – and he or she will be rewarded with faster results!

All in all, Juki DX-2000QVP is a quilting machine for those who want quality results from their quilting efforts, and are prepared to work hard for it!

Frame, Construction, & Sewing Speed

This Juki DX-2000QVP quilting machine is extremely durable no matter what happens. The reason for this is the material quality and manufacturing technology used, which will be detailed later in this article. Juki DX-2000QVP has a large table to work with as well, so no matter how big your project is, you’ll be comfortable working on it.

The Juki DX-2000QVP quilting machine can sew at a high speed of 1050 stitches per minute, which is impressive. And you don’t have to worry about the problems of jamming since once your material gets jammed, it automatically stops making your work easy.

The Juki DX-2000QVP sewing machine also comes with an impressive range of additional features. For example, the adjustable stitch width and length capabilities enable you to easily alter these important factors depending on the type of design you’re creating. The stitch width adjustments are located on the side of the machine and allow you to change them easily without having to remove your hands from the machine. The maximum stitch width of this Juki DX-2000QVP sewing machine is 7 mm, and the maximum stitch length is 5 mm.

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What We Like About Juki DX-2000QVP

  • You get smooth finishing for straight stitches and pretty gathers with perfect spacing
  • Thread tension is adjustable, giving you excellent precision over the thread tightness
  • It works at a speed of 1050 SPM and has an LED to guide you through your stitching process
  • Its metal frame is sturdy enough to keep it from vibrating and gives you a pleasant sewing experience
  • It operates super quietly, giving you the much needed peaceful environment
  • A decent warranty makes it serve you for years
  • Sews perfectly flat and even stitches or beautiful ruffles and lettuce edges without any difficulty
  • It is so easy to use that even beginners find it perfect for starting with it
  • The knife is heavy-duty and cuts through even thick fabrics

What We Don’t Like

  • Experienced sewers may find the speed a little slow
  • The customer service leaves a little to be desired
  • The instruction manual is not elaborate enough
  • It’s a little noisy at high speed
  • The warranty could be better

Features of Juki DX-2000QVP Sewing Machine

Stitch Options

The Juki DX-2000QVP comes with 287 built-in stitches. It gives you the freedom to experiment and create all sorts of sewing designs. You can use this model for quilting, garment construction, heirloom sewing, or even household crafts. The stitch quality is excellent, and you can adjust the tension of each stitch to match your sewing project’s needs, whether it be light or heavyweight fabrics.

Box Feed

The box feed technology of Juki DX-2000QVP moves your fabric to allow you to create perfect high-quality stitches on all types of fabrics. The box feed system stays in contact with your fabrics longer for a consistent, reliable seam every time. Piece perfectly without worries of shifting or sliding fabrics.

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Straight Stitch Slide Plate

Simply slide the front lever to switch to a single needle hole. Sew the lightest fabrics with perfect needle permeation. The single needle plate will not allow fabrics to be pushed into the needle hole. Free motion stitch with precision and perfection. Sew with confidence. When the single needle hole plate is set, only the straight stitch patterns can be selected.

Float Function Prevents Uneven Seams

By pressing the floating button, you can sew with the presser foot slightly raised. By raising the presser foot to float, you can sew fabrics without pushing layers or creating uneven seams. this is effective when quilting and sewing appliques. The height of the presser foot can be set from 0 to 2.5mm in increments of 0.1 mm…

Large Sewing Space

Enjoy extra space and comfort by adding the accessory table while quilting.

Automatic Presser Foot Lifting After Thread Trimming / Presser Foot Pivot Function

Because the presser foot is automatically lifted after automatic thread trimming, you can quickly remove fabrics.

And when you stop sewing, the needle stops in the down position, and the presser foot automatically lifts to allow for fabric movements. Sew corners or pivot with ease. When you resume sewing, the presser foot automatically and quickly lowers for continuous smooth sewing. *These functions can also be switched off.

Speed Control

The Juki DX-2000QVP also has an electronic speed controller, which gives you more freedom to adjust the machine’s sewing speed as required, thus allowing you to work on complex projects without worrying about sewing slowly.


  • Walking Foot
  • Patchwork Presser Foot
  • Open Toe Presser Foot
  • Quilt Presser Foot
  • Edge Sewing Presser Foot
  • Thread Stand
  • Presser Foot with Guide
  • Presser foot with 2 mm distance guide
  • Applique Presser Foot
  • Pearl Attaching Presser Foot
  • Cording and Embroidery Presser Foot
  • Overcasting Presser Foot
  • Buttonhole Presser Foot
  • Manual BH Presser Foot (Decorate Stitch Presser Foot) (Satin stitch foot)
  • Zipper Presser Foot
  • Blind Stitch Presser Foot Blind hem foot
  • Smooth Presser Foot
  • Quilt Guide
  • Auxiliary Spool Pin (Additional Spool Pin)
  • Wide Table
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Who Is Juki DX-2000QVP For?

The Juki DX-2000QVP is a user-friendly sewing machine that performs very well for any kind of sewing job. The LCD screen indicator and the digital display control have been designed to be easy to read. You can adjust the stitch width depending on how you want your stitches to look.

The Juki DX-2000QVP is also ideal for tailors, designers, small shops, and sewing enthusiasts who have considerable mileage on their machines. If you are looking for long-term reliability, then the Juki DX-2000QVP is a perfect fit for you. This is an investment in the quest for perfection.

The Juki DX-2000QVP is a true workhorse, and it’s one of the most reliable machines on the market today. Although some users have indicated that some of these stitches are a bit difficult to achieve your desired goal, Juki DX-2000QVP is still enough for most sewing projects. If you are serious about your sewing, then you will not be disappointed with Juki DX-2000QVP’s performance.

Tips for Using Your Quilting Machines

If you plan on machine quilting your quilts for shows or just to sell them, making sure your work is clean and neat is significant. Most professionals will say that the best way to make sure it’s done properly is by using a frame or hoop while stitching.

The main reason why this is suggested (instead of just hand-quilting) is because it will help provide even, accurate spacing between stitches, so the result doesn’t look sloppy.

High-speed quilting machines are generally heavier than standard machines. They need stronger motors to provide greater power so that the machine can operate properly; however, they also tend to cost more than standard models.

Many people who enjoy quilting use both types of machines depending on which project they’re working with; however, if you’re planning on using your machine for commercial production, then it is well worth investing in one of these all-around quilting machine models.

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