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Juki MO-104D Serger Review

Juki sergers are reputed for their ease-of-use, affordable price, along high quality. Juki MO-104D is lightweight, yet the output it provides is comparable to the expensive sergers in the market. Also, the convenience it offers by changing the settings by just turning a dial is mention-worthy,

It stitches flawlessly and comes with 15 stitch options with a variable stitch with and length facility. You can adjust the stitch width from 3mm to 5mm from both the left needle and the right needle. Similarly, the length is adjustable between 1mm to 4mm range.

However, a rolled hem stitch range of adjustment falls between 1.8mm to 2.2mm as it is a different stitch that requires thin width. The process of hemming is a breeze as the extra edges are trimmed automatically, and the hem is sewn with precision over the clean edge.

It is highly versatile, leading to better productivity and seamless results in every sewing option it offers. When compared with similarly priced sergers, you find that none of them feature the lay-in threading option.

Its exceptional results with 1500 SPM are appreciated by several users. The 2-3-4 thread capability is found with this serger, and color-coded guides are handy for the threading process. The light bulb is responsible for brightening the work area.

What We Like About Juki MO-104D Serger

  • Excellent design with a high-quality build and multiple features
  • The lay-in thread tension slots make the whole threading process easier
  • Adjustable differential feed feature gives you an option of 0.7mm to 2mm ratio of adjustment
  • Sews perfectly flat and even stitches or beautiful ruffles and lettuce edges without any difficulty
  • As the dial is adjustable while operating the machine, you need not stop to make changes
  • Produces highly creative output easily on various fabrics
  • Get evenly rolled hems automatically without the need to change the throat plate or foot
  • The front lever for thread tension adjustment is handy when working with different fabrics
  • Thread tension is adjustable from 1 to 9 giving you excellent precision over the thread tightness
  • The adjustable cutting blade provides you the facility to change the cutting width of the fabric edge to help produce even seams
  • It comes with a 5-year mechanical warranty, 1-year electrical warranty, and 90 days of service and labor
  • It is so easy to use that even beginners find it perfect for starting with it
  • The instruction manual is very detailed and gives you every bit of the information you need
  • Juki MO-104D is known to operate quietly even when working at top-speed
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What We Don’t Like

  • It uses only 130R / 705H needles that are very specific to this serger

How Do Our Experts Say About Juki MO 104D Serger?

It is quick and simple to thread the machine. You simply need to lay each thread in its designated slot. You can do it in seconds by simply sliding the thread into the slot and snapping your looper. Just press down on the thread until it clicks in place and then follows the threading directions. It’s even easier to thread the lower looper.

The differential feed can be adjusted to a range of 0.7 mm up to 2 mm. This adjustable feature allows for perfectly flat stitches, beautiful ruffles, and lettuce edges on sleeves. You can adjust the dial during operation to create many creative effects on any type of fabric.

The MO-194’s fingertip control allows you to produce perfect, even rolled edges without changing the foot or throat plate.

It is easy to adjust the tension of your threads by simply pushing the lever located in the center of the machine. The ideal setting for most knit fabrics or serger threads is usually around 4, but the right tension setting will vary depending on what fabric you are working with and what type of threads. It’s easy to find the perfect tension setting for your project with a range of settings between 1 and 9.

The cutting blade can be adjusted to change the width of the fabric edges. This produces perfectly straight seams and rolled hems. You can adjust the position of the side blade to change the distance between it and the needle. This allows you to work with thicker fabrics and use more advanced stitch options.

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