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Juki MO-655 Serger Review

Juki MO 655 serger is a versatile machine with several stitch options and adjustability for various components. The automatically rolled hems are the highlight of this serger that gives you beautiful output without the need to change anything and effortlessly.

The differential feed feature is handy for performing various feed methods easily based on the job or fabric to give you an excellent finish every time. Even the stitch length is adjustable, helping you set the machine for better customization to handle several fabrics aptly.

The color-coded threading guide makes the threading process easier, and you need not remember the long process but just follow the guide to complete the process in no time. This serger is capable of working with 2-3-4-5 threads and has a breakaway looper.

It features stitch styles such as 2-thread chain stitch, overcast, and rolled hem. For 3-thread, you get rolled hem, flatlock, overlock, and narrow overlock-4mm. Coming to the strongest stitches, you get 4-thread overlock and 5-thread safety stitch that are usually the most used stitches on a serger.

The impressive speed of 1500 SPM is ample enough for professional users to quickly complete their sewing projects. It comes with an excellent knife that gives you smooth cut edges for achieving a clean finish.

What We Like About Juki MO-655 Serger Review

  • Threading is made safer as you can move the upper knife
  • Knives are sharp enough to cut through thick fabric to the delicate ones
  • Variety of presser feet to perform extended functionalities such as blind hem, piping, cording, and gathering
  • Adjustable stitch length allows you to choose the right length required for various fabrics
  • The differential feed option provides flexibility to sew knit fabrics with ease
  • Easy to operate dials make the setting process a breeze
  • Similarly, the color-coded guide makes the threading process effortless
  • Thread tension is locked, giving you perfectly even and tight stitches that look elegant
  • No separate foot or plate is required for creating rolled hems, and it is achieved just with a fingertip control
  • Sewing a ribbon or an elastic is very easy using this serger
  • Novice users find it handy for multiple functions, which otherwise need a lot of extra effort
  • This serger does not require a lot of prior experience, and users are capable of creating complex output in few goes
  • The high speed of 1500 SPM is ample enough for most users to work quickly
  • It comes at a reasonable price when you consider the quality and functionality of this machine
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What We Don’t Like

  • Though easy to use, complete beginners need to understand certain functions before they can get along.

How Do Our Experts Say About Juki MO 655 Serger?

Juki Pearl Line MO-655 2/3/4/5 thread serger is ideal for sewing different thread types and colors for a specific fabric or decorative cloth. This serger will save you the effort of changing the thread loop every so often.

Juki Pearl Line MO-655 2/3/4/5 thread serger comes with a color-code threading path that allows you to sew more efficiently and effectively and avoid the messy thread. To ensure consistent stitching, it is important to lock the thread to the tensions.

The right-side outer portion of the sewing machine houses the knob for the differential feed, which prevents the thread from stretching and wrinkling.

The lower knife adjustment knob allows you to achieve perfect seams and perfectly rolled edges.

Juki Pearl Line MO-655 is super durable and has a knife system that allows you to easily and smoothly cut different fabric types no matter how light or heavy they are.

It arrives with a bright LED light that allows you to see the thread and the edges of the needle clearly while you are serging. You will be able to create beautiful clothing or other ornamental and home-decorative items.

You can adjust the stitch length from 1-4mm, allowing you to get the precise measurement you require for your sewing. To make it easier, there is a knob that allows you to adjust the settings. The multi-use foot has a tape that serves as a guide for sewing ribbons, sequins, and elastic.

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