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Juki MO 6714S Serger Review

Juki MO-6714S comes with a quiet Servo motor that operates super quietly even when working at top speed. You get a 2-thread and 4-thread model with limited stitch options but can have high productivity with an excellent finish.

This serger is a semi-automatic machine with industrial-level functioning and exceptional speed. If you need a simple operation with heavy-duty performance, then this is the go-to serger by Juki. The stitch control box is responsible for providing even and tight stitches.

The control box’s front panel provides a stitch indicator that allows you to easily adjust or chain the length. Stitch width has possible settings of 3.2mm, 4mm, and 4.8 mm, along with the stitch length adjustability of 0.8mm to 4mm.

The top speed of this straight overlock serger is at an impressive 7000 SPM and is suitable for flexible stitching with professional finishing. It comes with a 3-4 thread capacity and an LED to guide you even if you need to sew in a poorly lit room.

All in all, this is a powerful home-level serger with matchless speed and high durability. It is not automatic, and some users find it helpful as it has lesser vulnerable parts ensuring long life and simple operation.

What I Like About

  • Servo motor operates at the designated speed irrelative to foot pedal pressure.
  • It uses lesser energy to operate, making it more efficient and durable
  • Reversing the motor is as easy as flicking a switch located conveniently
  • The differential feed feature is adjustable internally using an external control to various levels the helps the feed dogs to produce various effects
  • Chain-off thread mode and normal stitching thread tensions are regulatable using the dual thread tension system
  • The material edge sensor feature can be enabled or disabled using a switch
  • The tension release function is useful for the backlatching function to reinforce the stitches, and it can be disabled by switching off the material edge sensing feature when not required
  • The intermediate claw, 2-needle serger, and throat plate are useful for standard overlock stitching
  • The vibration-free operation makes it easier to work for longer times without any difficulty
  • It operates super quietly, giving you the much needed peaceful environment
  • Several users appreciate its maximum speed of 7000 SPM as it has a significant impact on the productivity
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What I Don’t Like

  • It does not come with a color-coded threading guide like other sergers
  • Expensive when compared with its counterparts
  • Uses very specific needles of DC X 27 model
  • Short warranty period