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Quilter’s Pro Deluxe Long Arm Quilting Machine Review

Although you can use a regular sewing machine for quilting, the Quilter’s Pro Deluxe quilting machine has a variety of add-ons and capabilities that really separate the two. Compared with a regular sewing machine, this Quilter’s Pro Deluxe quilting machine boasts a larger amount of workspace (also referred to as ‘throat’), which is perfect for sewing large and huge projects such as curtains, sheets, and bedspreads.

And of course, Quilter’s Pro Deluxe can handle multiple layers with ease and is great for quilting projects. You can also easily sew through heavy materials without worrying about the fabric bunching up or getting stuck in the machine.

Moreover, this Quilter’s Pro Deluxe quilting machine comes with a higher stitching speed, meaning that it not only saves time but can also be used on large numbers of projects at one time. When you have less time to complete a quilting project and more items to work on, the ability to sew faster is sure to come in handy – and that’s where this Quilter’s Pro Deluxe high-speed quilting machine comes into play. This Quilter’s Pro Deluxe quilting machine is certainly not for the faint-hearted, as it requires much more from the operator than a standard quilting machine does – and he or she will be rewarded with faster results!

All in all, Quilter’s Pro Deluxe is a quilting machine for those who want quality results from their quilting efforts, and are prepared to work hard for it!

Frame, Construction, & Sewing Speed

As far as durability is concerned, this Quilter’s Pro Deluxe has an extremely sturdy metal frame that will increase its durability and add to its performance and quality. This helps your work look professionally sewn at all times regardless if you are a beginner or experienced sewer in any way. The large sewing area of this Quilter’s Pro Deluxe quilting machine allows you to work on larger pieces of fabric and huge projects.

This quilting machine has a strong motor that can handle even thick fabrics with no problem. It doesn’t snag or get stuck, which could ruin your entire project if not careful! The stitching speed of the Quilter’s Pro Deluxe is 1800 spm, which is pretty decent and allows you to finish your work faster.

What We Like About Quilter’s Pro Deluxe

  • You get smooth finishing for straight stitches and pretty gathers with perfect spacing
  • Novice users find it handy for multiple functions, which otherwise need a lot of extra effort.
  • This Quilter’s Pro Deluxe produces results for home décor to fashion accessories with a professional finish.
  • Sews perfectly flat and even stitches or beautiful ruffles and lettuce edges without any difficulty
  • The stitch width and stitch length are adjustable
  • A decent warranty makes it serve you for years
  • The knife is heavy-duty and cuts through even thick fabrics
  • The Quilter’s Pro Deluxe uses lesser energy to operate, making it more efficient and durable
  • The color-coded threading guides are clear and helpful for hassle-free threading
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What We Don’t Like

  • The instruction manual is not elaborate enough
  • The Quilter’s Pro Deluxe vibrates on higher speed settings
  • It’s a little noisy at high speed
  • The LCD light could be brighter
  • The warranty could be better

Features of Quilter’s Pro Deluxe Sewing Machine

Computer Motion Control

The Black Motor Box attaches to your carriage. It houses an internal computer and our servo-controlled motors with the power to guide your quilting machine.

Frame and Carriage Belts

Our durable timing belts will be installed onto your carriage and frame, guiding your machine. Use the motor box lever to quickly disengage the belts and be ready for free motion quilting in no time.

Perfect Stitch Compatible

Butler connects Seamlessly with the Perfect Stitch Regulator. (*Perfect Stitch Regulator not included with Butler) note: Perfect Stitch is not required to use Butler on your quilting machine. Butler will attach onto ANY quilting machine on the market, regardless of the machine’s stitch regulator

Adjustable Comfort Grip Handlebars

Adjusts to the perfect position for maximum comfort while quilting. Curve-style handlebars allow for easy movement of the machine while helping ease tension. Access start/stop, needle half-cycle/full cycle, and tie-off functions right from the handlebars. LED lights to light your quilting area

Refurbished 9.7″ Ipad Pro Included Free

Connect your Quilter’s Pro Deluxe long arm to the included 9.7″ iPad Pro wirelessly through Bluetooth technology and download the app on the app store to access all the controls and features of your machine.

Rear Handlebars Included

Access start/stop, needle half-cycle/full cycle, and tie-off functions right from the rear handlebars. Work from the back of your machine on a quilting frame to follow pantographs or patterns.

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Regulated Stitch

Quilter’s Pro Deluxe Long Arm features soft-touch button controls on each handle with an LCD display. When you select the Regulated Stitch mode on the LCD screen, your machine coordinates with your movements; as you move the machine, it sews. When you stop, it stops with you. With stitch regulation so precise, and stitching as small as 22 stitches per inch, the Regulated Stitch allows for even the finest micro-stippling.

Direct Drive Motor

Quilter’s Pro Deluxe Long Arm provides a more responsive and accurate stitch with less wear on the internal parts of your machine, thanks to the all-new direct-drive motor.

Oil Reservoir

Quilter’s Pro Deluxe Long Arm requires little maintenance. The oil is self-contained, so you no longer have to worry about oil on your quilts or to oil the hook with every bobbin change.

Improved Hardware

With a 10-inch capacitive touch screen and a dual-core, 1.3 MHz processor, the new butler system is faster and more responsive than ever before

The Power of Android

The Android Tablet gives you all the features of an android device. Access the Google Play store, Browse the internet, or even watch YouTube videos all from your quilting machine

Powerful Editing Features

Along with the ability to rotate, autosize, and repeat patterns, Butler also includes a crop feature, perfect for applique patterns. You can also see a birds-eye view of all your to-be-stitched patterns, select which patterns you would like to run.

Wifi Enabled

Wireless internet lets you access popular sites, like YouTube, Pandora, E-mail, and others, all right from your quilting machine. You’ll also be able to install software updates at the push of a button. We are the only system on the market to be able to QUICKLY update over WiFi.

Compatible with Nearly Every Machine

Regardless of which display you choose, Butler is compatible with nearly every machine on the market.

Needle Position Adjustment

This Quilter’s Pro Deluxe’s features include a needle position adjustment that enables users to start and stop stitching at any point on a piece of fabric as well as adjust the needle position if they wish to add decorative stitches in such places as corners or along edges.

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Automatic Bobbin Winding System

Quilter’s Pro Deluxe also boasts an automatic bobbin winding system that makes it possible for anyone to efficiently use this product without having the constant worry about running out of thread since when the bobbin runs low, just simply slide up and down the lever located at the center side of the machine until it is full again.

Who Is Quilter’s Pro Deluxe For?

This Quilter’s Pro Deluxe sewing machine is powerful enough for basic garment construction while still being easy enough for beginners to learn how to sew. For the home-sewer on a budget, Quilter’s Pro Deluxe is a good investment as it is affordable and offers quality features such as a built-in needle threader and drop-in bobbin, making sewing quicker and easier than ever before.

If you’re looking for a new sewing machine with great user-friendliness, then I highly recommend Quilter’s Pro Deluxe. It is reliable, sturdy, and will give you years of great service.

Moreover, Quilter’s Pro Deluxe operates very quietly and smoothly, making it ideal for home and commercial use. You can stitch with great ease thanks to the start/stop feature, which allows you to keep a check on your sewing progress, eliminating any untimely errors or mistakes at all times.

Tips for Using Your Quilting Machines

If you plan on machine quilting your quilts for shows or just to sell them, making sure your work is clean and neat is significant. Most professionals will say that the best way to make sure it’s done properly is by using a frame or hoop while stitching.

The main reason why this is suggested (instead of just hand-quilting) is because it will help provide even, accurate spacing between stitches, so the result doesn’t look sloppy.

High-speed quilting machines are generally heavier than standard machines. They need stronger motors to provide greater power so that the machine can operate properly; however, they also tend to cost more than standard models.

Many people who enjoy quilting use both types of machines depending on which project they’re working with; however, if you’re planning on using your machine for commercial production, then it is well worth investing in one of these all-around quilting machine models.