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Singer 9980 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine Review

The Singer 9980 heavy-duty sewing machine comes with an impressive range of features. This includes a bright LED light that makes it easy for you to see what you’re doing, even in low light conditions, as well as providing smooth, consistent stitching at all times with a maximum stitch width of 7 mm and a maximum stitch length of 5 mm (the latter depending on the type or thickness fabric that is being stitched). Users can also easily create buttons quickly thanks to its 13 convenient one-step buttonhole system.

What We Like About Singer 9980 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

  • I like to be able to adjust the pressure depending on what I am sewing. The sturdy feel of this machine is also something that works well for me; it makes me feel as though I will get precise and clean stitches every time.
  • The automatic needle threader of Singer 9980 is a nice feature because it helps you save time when working on multiple layers or lots of different types of fabric. It’s also convenient for those who have trouble doing their needle threading, making this machine an excellent choice for beginners or people who want a simpler sewing experience without having to struggle.
  • The Singer 9980 has a wide range of stitches (820) that sets it apart from other machines in its price range, including basic or stretch stitches for fashion sewing, quilting, and heirloom stitches for quilts or table linens, or decorative stitches to embellish almost anything.
  • The Singer 9980 features a top-loading bobbin unit that makes it easy for users to load their bobbins quickly while enhancing efficiency levels at the same time.
  • The Start/Stop button allows you to sew without using the foot control.
  • A built-in accessory storage compartment is conveniently located at the back of the machine. You’ll love just how many accessories fit into this space, such as a spool cap, darning plate, screwdriver, and seam ripper. It’s handy to have everything you need right there, so you don’t have to spend much extra time looking for them.
  • It is compact in size (17.5 x 8.2 x 11.8 inches) and thus portable
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What We Don’t Like

  • The brightness control is a wheel near the bobbin winder, and people often accidentally turn it, so the display goes very dim.
  • There’s no touch screen.

How Do Our Experts Say About Singer 9980 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine?

  • The Quantum Stylist 9980 sewing machine comes with 820 different stitches, including basic or stretches stitches for fashion sewing, quilting, and heirloom stitches for quilts or table linens, or decorative stitches to embellish almost anything.
  • Stitch selection can be made with a simple touch of a button, and your stitch is displayed clearly on the LCD screen, where you can also view your stitch settings and recommended presser foot. The beautiful large LED display screen will make it easier and more enjoyable for you to create your projects.
  • Buttonholes are sewn in one easy step, and there are 13 different styles to choose from – basic bartack, stretch buttonholes for stretch fabrics, keyhole buttonholes for menswear or outerwear, and more.
  • Singer 9980 also comes with the Needle Up/Down feature that lets your needle stop down in the fabric, which is great for applique, pivoting around a pocket corner, or free-motion sewing.
  • A speed controller allows you to adjust the speed of your machines as required for specific projects or materials – slower for more intricate projects or faster for larger projects like curtains, duvet covers, and more.
  • The Singer 9980 has a built-in needle threader that allows you to start sewing as fast as possible without spending too much time on the preparation.

Included Accessories

General Purpose Foot, Zipper Foot, Buttonhole Foot with Underplate, Blind Hem Foot, Satin Stitch Foot, Overcasting Foot, Darning/Embroidery Foot, Rolled Hem Foot, Button Sewing Foot, Quarter Inch Foot, Open Toe Foot, Even Feed/Walking Foot, Cording Foot, Needles, Bobbins (Class 15 transparent), Seam Ripper/Lint Brush, Auxiliary Spool Pin, Spool Pin Felt, Screwdrivers, Thread Spool Caps, Edge/Quilting Guide and Soft Dust Cover

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Who Is Singer 9980 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine For?

This Singer 9980 sewing machine is powerful enough for basic garment construction while still being easy enough for beginners to learn how to sew.

For the home-sewer on a budget, this is a good investment as it is affordable and offers quality features such as an automatic needle threader and drop-in bobbin, making sewing quicker and easier than ever before.

If you’re looking for a new sewing machine, then I highly recommend Singer 9980. It is reliable, sturdy, and will give you years of great service.

What Is the Difference Between the Singer 9960 and 9985?

Singer 9960 is quite similar to the Singer 9985 sewing machine. Singer 9985 boasts 960 built-in stitches. However, the Singer 9960, on the other hand, has only 600 built-in stitches. Actually, the difference comes down to decorative stitches and font for monogramming. So if you don’t need a lot of decorative stitches, 9960 is still a great option.